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Freelancing involves writing, graphic design, video editing, transcription among other online ventures for more than one client in which you are paid per assignment. Examples of freelancing sites include Upwork and Freelancer.Com.

Freelancing can be competitive and that’s where timing is crucial. As a freelancer, you need to be on your toes before a job gets saturated.

1. Time is Money

As a freelancer, you need to be very quick at responding to any job ads that catch your fancy or meet your criteria. Hesitating could put you at a high risk of losing the job to another freelancer.

2. Timely Content

Timing in sites such as Upwork not only matter in how fast you are at accepting the job but how timely your content is. Events that are connected to current trends have a ripple effect. The best content can as well be useless if shared at the wrong time.

For example, if you are a freelancer writer, a sports article might be more likely to spike interest if it is written around the world cup or premier league season. It is important to take time crafting an article that draws inspiration from such moments.

3. Rate your work based on your time and content value

In Upwork, time is money, this means it goes hand in hand in how much you are willing to charge for an article. If you undersell your work you might end up working 24hrs with nothing concrete to show for it. To help manage your time and get money value for it, you need to ask yourself if what you are doing is really worth the amount the client is willing to pay.

It may seem intimidating but it will give you more time and freedom to pursue other articles in sites such as Upwork or

4. Meeting deadlines

In freelancing, it is necessary to meet deadlines, this creates a good image to your client and helps build your reputation, giving you a higher chance of getting more gigs. Although deadlines are inspiring they can be negotiated with the clients and don’t have to paralyze you.

It is crucial to estimate your time which plays a big role in achieving the golden rule in business; under-promise but over-deliver. It is advisable to use time tracking apps to review how you spend your time. Timing in freelance can be easy if you prioritize based on deadlines as opposed to multitasking.

5. Acquire the needed skills

To get a job in freelance sites such as Upwork, you need to invest time in learning the skills needed for your present and future work. Such skills could vary from social media marketing to digital marketing skills. If you get a job offer it is important to make the reply simple and humanly. Most clients would want human interaction before they spend money.

6. Learning to say no gives you enough time and freedom

Another key role in ensuring your time has been spent well is learning to say no! You cannot possibly do every assignment handed over to you. It can be tempting at the beginning of your career but saying yes to everything could drain you and sabotage your mind. Clients are different and some need more effort and attention than others.

If it comes to a point where you are turning down a lot of projects, it may be time for you to get money worth your time, so increase your rates!

7. Handle Procrastination

Beyond everything, good time management helps tackle procrastination and break the monotony. This can be done by being realistic in the projects you can handle and having a time plan for each of them.

Timing plays an important role in any kind of business. This also applies to freelancing for it to be a success. It is necessary to have sites that can help you access work that fits your criteria in a timely manner.

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